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The right domain name for your website is one of the most critical aspects of establishing yourself online. It’s your digital street address, your “first impression” and critical to your long-term success. The domain for your wellness business can define your brand and set you up for a successful career in the wellness space.  

The right domain can:

  • Build trust
  • Elevate your brand
  • Give you a unique identity
  • Help customers recognize you
  • Help you stand out in the crowd
  • Help you get found online 

A great wellness domain is:

  • Short & simple 
  • Creative and memorable
  • Concise and clear
  • Easy to pronounce and spell
  • Meaningful, relevant & definitive
  • Descriptive of your specialty 
  • Unique & puts you in the spotlight

The problem is all the good .com domains are already taken. 

Thankfully there is another solution. 

Introducing the .pro domain extension. The .pro extension is a perfect investment for wellness professionals to create a unique brand that lets you stand out from the crowd. It instills a sense of professionalism and polish that starts with the address bar. 

See if one of our premium wellness domains is right investment for you

Grab one of over 100 wellness domain names and solidify your brand or create a new brand for your wellness business.

Our domains are:

Disease Specific

Find domains for specific health conditions or diseases? 

Diet Specific

Search our domains related to a specific dietary theory or practice

Specialty Specific

Find a domain related to your specific coaching specialty 

how does it work

All of our domains are available to purchase directly through one of the most trusted domain providers, Namecheap. They will act as an escrow service and will safely hold your funds until the domain is transferred. This ensures that your purchase is safe and secure.

This is how it works:

  1. Simply click on the domain you want which will take you directly to Namecheap
  2. Purchase your domain 
  3. Follow their instructions 
  4. Use your new domain
  5. That’s it!

Alternative purchase option – See our FAQ section below. 

find your perfect domain

All of our domains are currently 1/2 off











AdrenalFatigue.pro158 $79
AIPDiet.pro150 $75
AlkalineDiet.pro150 $75
AlternativeMedicine.pro4,450 2,225
Alzheimers.pro4,450 2,225
AncestralHealth.pro250 125
AncestralNutrition.pro250 125
AntiAnxiety.pro1,250 625
AnxietyDiet.pro250 125
AutoimmuneDisease.pro2,500 1,250
Autoimmune.pro4,450 2,225
AutoimmuneDiet.pro250 125
AutoimmunePaleo.pro250 125
BalancedDiet.pro150 $75
BalancedNutrition.pro1,250 625
BloodSugar.pro250 125
BoneHealth.pro250 125
CancerCoaching.pro1,500 750
Candida.pro300 150
Celiac.pro4,450 2,225
CeliacDisease.pro500 250
CertifiedAIP.pro300 150
CertifiedAutoimmune.pro1,250 625
CertifiedCannabis.pro1,500 750
CertifiedDetox.pro250 125
CertifiedDigestion.pro500 250
CertifiedEssentialOils.pro4,450 2,225
CertifiedFunctionalMedicine.pro500 250
CertifiedGaps.pro250 125
CertifiedGutHealth.pro250 125
CertifiedHashimotos.pro250 125
CertifiedHealthCoach.pro250 125
CertifiedHealthyAging.pro250 125
CertifiedHealthyLifestyle.pro250 125
CertifiedHormonalHealth.pro250 125
CertifiedKeto.pro2,500 1,250
CertifiedKetoDiet.pro250 125
CertifiedLeakyGut.pro200 100

CertifiedLupus.pro150 $75
CertifiedLyme.pro250 125
CertifiedMentalWellness.pro250 125
CertifiedNutrition.pro2,500 1250
CertifiedPaleo.pro1,250 625
CertifiedTherapeuticDiet.pro150 $75
CertifiedThyroid.pro250 125
CertifiedVegan.pro250 125
CertifiedVegetarian.pro250 125
CertifiedWellness.pro2,500 1250
CertifiedWomensHealth.pro150 $75
ChildBirth.pro5,000 2500
ChildrensHealth.pro1,250 625
ChildrensNutrition.pro1,250 625 – 1,250 625
ChronicDisease.pro300 150
ChronicFatigue.pro300 150
ChronicIllness.pro300 150
CleanEating.pro1,250 625
ClinicalDietitian.pro4,450 2,225
ClinicalNutritionist.pro2,500 1250
CorporateWellness.pro2,500 1250
CrohnsDisease.pro500 250
CustomizedNutrition.pro2,500 1250
Dementia.pro2,500 1250
Dermatitis.pro300 150
DetoxDiet.pro1,250 625
DiabeticDiet.pro250 125
Dietician.pro10,000 5,000
Digestion.pro4,450 2,225
DigestiveDisorders.pro2,500 1250
EnvironmentalToxins.pro4,450 2,225
FODMAP.pro250 125
FoodMood.pro1,250 625
FunctionalMedicine.pro10,000 5,000
FunctionalNutrition.pro4,450 2,225
GAPS.pro750 375
GAPSDiet.pro1,250 625

GutHealth.pro2,500 1,250
Hashimotos.pro4,450 2,225
HealthyAging.pro1,250 625
HealthyBaby.pro1,250 625
HealthyEating.pro300 150
HighFatDiet.pro150 $75
HormonalBalance.pro250 125
HormonalHealth.pro250 125
IntermittentFasting.pro250 125
KetogenicDiet.pro500 250
KetoMealPlan.pro1,250 625
LeakyGut.pro500 250
MediterraneanDiet.pro250 125
MicrobiomeMedicine.pro4,450 2,225
Migraines.pro4,450 2,225
MultipleSclerosis.pro2,500 1,250
NaturalMedicine.pro2,500 1,250
NutritionalTherapy.pro2,500 1,250
NutritionEducator.pro1,500 750
OptimalNutrition.pro1,250 625
PaleoDiet.pro4,450 2,225
Parkinsons.pro2,500 1,250
ParkinsonsDisease.pro2,500 1,250
PCOS.pro4,450 2,225
PlantDiet.pro500 250
RegisteredDietitian.pro10,000 5,000
ReproductiveHealth.pro2,500 1,250
RootCause.pro4,450 2,225
Rosacea.pro1,250 625
SIBO.pro10,000 5,000
SleepDisorders.pro500 250
TherapeuticDiet.pro1,750 875
TherapeuticNutrition.pro1,750 875
ThyroidHealth.pro2,500 1,250
UlcerativeColitis.pro250 125
VegetarianDiet.pro2,500 1,250
Whole30.pro250 125
WomensHealth.pro2,500 1,250
WomensWellness.pro2,500 1,250

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Can I use another domain provider?

You can purchase our domains with Godaddy or another domain provider but there is an additional cost. In order to use someone besides Namecheap, we have to use a third-party escrow agent which charges a 20% fee. A cheaper option would be for you to purchase with Namecheap and then transfer the domain to Godaddy for the much lower transfer fee.

How long does the transfer take?

The entire transfer can take up to 72 hours. Namecheap will not transfer the money to us until the transfer is complete.

What if I want a refund?

Once the transaction is complete we cannot issue a refund, therefore all sales are final.

Can I legally own any of your domains?

Checking the legal status of your potential domain is your responsibility. We cannot guarantee that the name is not trademarked, copyrighted or others legally owned by another party.

What if I have questions?

If you have additional questions please use the contact form.